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A design engineering and contract manufacturing partner empowering your business to pioneer innovative, cost-effective and profitable products, from design through to delivery.

Employees Working In Cynegy Warehouse
Cynegy Warehouse in China
Employees Working In Cynegy Warehouse
Boxes Inside Cynegy Warehouse
Boxes Inside Cynegy Warehouse
Employee Working In Cynegy Warehouse
Boxes Inside Cynegy Warehouse
Fuel Innovation

Cynegy’s time-served designers and engineers accelerate your transition from concept, through manufacture and deliver your ideas to market faster.

Bridge The Gap

Cynegy bridge the gap between East and West. One supplier reduces the time, costs and complexities of managing your manufacturing in China.

No Limitations

We understand your core objective: to actualise better designed products, delivered with manufacturing agility, on time and at the right price.

As a business owner or procurement manager, we understand your design, production and supply chains need to deliver results. As areas for competitive advantage become more contested in the new global reset economy, it’s imperative to find cost-effective ways to accelerate your pace of innovation, whilst maintaining quality.

We Simplify The Complex

With our own facilities in the U.K. and China, Cynegy can bridge the gap between design and manufacture. As specialists in offshore manufacturing, we know how to navigate the challenges posed by manufacturing in China. Lean on our experience and ability to supplement the roles of design, engineering, production, supply chain and distribution. We can deliver the flexibility, efficiency and capacity you need to turn a complicated operation into a streamlined process.

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Diagram Showing The Workflow Of Cynegy Diagram Showing The Workflow Of Cynegy

One Supplier, One Company. A Safe Pair of Hands

We know how difficult it can be managing multiple suppliers across the globe. By establishing our manufacturing capability and trusted local network in China, we can diversify your supply chain with one supplier, one company, and a single point of contact. You’ll work directly with our U.K. based engineering and project management staff as our team becomes an extension of yours. We offer peace of mind that you and your project will be in a safe pair of hands from design through to delivery.

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Employees Working At Cynegy
Design Engineering Support

Not only Great Design, but also the RIGHT Engineering

Whether you already have a project underway or are looking for an entirely new design solution, our team of time-served design engineers are on hand to broaden your knowledge pool instantly, bring alternate perspectives, experience and help accelerate your transition from concept through to manufacturing. As form and function, cost and risk, battle it out in the design process, we emphasise solutions that face up to the challenge of manufacture and significantly benefit cost, quality and product innovation. We can visualise and analyse designs early in the process, giving you confidence in its viability and an ability to optimise before going into production.

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Employees Working At Cynegy
Work Computer

What We Offer

  • Concept Generation
  • Design Engineering
  • Value & Reverse Engineering
  • 3D Digital Visualisation
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Design Evaluation
Work Computer & Tools
Rapid Prototyping

Your Product, In Your Hands For The First Time

We base our design solutions on the principles of ‘Design for Manufacture’ while maintaining a sense of context within the real world. By using our manufacturing agility in China to produce functional concept models and fully-detailed prototypes, we can dramatically speed up your evaluation workflow and derive more value from defining, evolving and testing. The ability to obtain a rapid understanding of user-centric attributes, explore design alternatives and confirm performance gives you the flexibility to adapt and formulate the main trajectory of your product before commencing production, alleviating future vexation, time and money.

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Cynegy Machine

What We Offer

  • CAD for Prototyping
  • Concept Prototypes
  • Development Prototypes
  • Low Volume Batches
  • 3D Printing (SLS,SLA)
  • Realistic Early Sales / Test Samples
  • CNC Machining
  • Prototype Evaluation
  • Vacuum Casting
Manufacturing In China

Bringing Your Products To Life & To Market

When you outsource your manufacturing to our Chinese facilities, we ensure that you have a seamless and reliable supply chain that you can trust. We leverage China’s established manufacturing infrastructure and own proven supply chains to help you scale-up your offering and reduce your risk. Our experienced sourcing team in China select and assess the most suitable suppliers from our list of trusted industrial process specialists. Suppliers and selected based on capability, quality and scale. Our in-house team assemble the manufactured components at our factory where we have 100% control. By setting up our supply chain in this way, you benefit from expert advice, economical pricing, faster response times and better quality control, as well as overall product IP protection.

Diagram Showing Employees Working At Cynegy Warehouse

What We Offer

  • Design for Manufacture
  • Data packs for Production
  • Cost Analysis
  • Tooling, Moulds & Jigs
  • Materials Sourcing
  • Production Management
  • Low-Volume Manufacture
  • High-Volume Manufacture
  • Quality & Assurance
At A Glance...

Typical Production Processes We Use

  • Injection Moulding
  • Over Moulding / Insert Moulding
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Die Casting
  • Aluminium Extrusion
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • CNC Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Blow Moulding
  • Bent Metal / Forming
  • Powder Coating
  • Anodising
Quality & Assurance

Quality In. Quality Out.

Cynegy are committed to Total Quality Management. We fully understand the concerns of Far East manufacturing and ensure you receive all the benefits of manufacturing in China without compromise. We take the time to understand every detail that determines the functionality and performance of your product. Once established, our highly-skilled engineers and in-house inspectors implement our rigorous QA processes during all phases of the project; not only to prevent a poor-quality shipment from entering the supply chain, but to provide aggregated data to identify areas of concern, address them before they become a problem and to prevent their recurrence. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products while creating growth, profit, and peace of mind for you.

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Tablet & Tools For Working
Logistics & Distribution

Delivering For Your Business

Logistics and distribution networks are highly complex. Moving products from point A to point B on a global scale can pose a significant challenge. We understand the need for flexibility, transparency and reliability and are dedicated to finding the best strategies, tailored to your logistics deadlines. For customers who need product-on-demand, we have warehousing facilities ready to handle your supply chain, in both China and the U.K. By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless origin-to-destination solution with lower risks, disruption and delay. By reducing complexity in this way, you gain efficiency, control and visibility, ensuring that stock is delivered to the right location, at the right time, whilst remaining cost-effective.

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Cynegy Machine

What We Offer

  • Production Order Planning
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Freight Management
  • Bill of Lading Preparation
  • Customs & Compliance
  • Cross Docking
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing

Projects We’ve Delivered

At Cynegy we have the knowledge and competence to confidently embark on challenging and technically demanding projects. We have a long history of successful projects that have turned a great idea into the next industry defining product for our clients, some of these are shown below but much of our work is commercially sensitive and remains confidential.

Peli BioThermal Credo Cargo Bulk Shipper Peli BioThermal Credo Cargo Bulk Shipper
Pelican 9480 RALS Lighthead Pelican 9480 RALS Lighthead
Rolatube Tactical Tripod Rolatube Tactical Tripod
4 inch Rolatube Rolacage 4 inch Rolatube Rolacage
Range of Arleigh Magnesium Anodes Range of Arleigh Magnesium Anodes
Horizon Utilities T-Raptor Horizon Utilities T-Raptor

Are You Ready To Get Started On Outsourcing Your Next Project? So Are We.

Our design engineering and contract manufacturing services can support you from the product development process through to handing the complexities of supply chain management. Our team pride themselves on seamlessly integrating our skills and expertise to support you towards product launch by adding value to your innovation process, regardless of the current stage of development.


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Strategic and efficient product delivery

Trusted by Business Like Yours…

“We have used Cynegy R&D and supply services for the last several years. Cynegy has proven to be an excellent partner through all aspects of the product development and commercialization process. They provide great design input, extremely quick responses, fast prototypes, and high quality production level products at a very good value. I would highly recommend them as a strategic supplier for development and commercialization.”

Thumbs Up Icon Peli BioThermal Greg Wheatley, Vice-President Worldwide Product Development and Engineering

"We have partnered with Cynegy for a number of years and we have worked closely together, enabling us to source product from the Far East in a professional and cost efficient way. We would recommend them for your supply chain solutions."

Thumbs Up Icon Arleigh Group Ltd. Brent Read, Purchasing Manager

“Cynegy offer a seamless and professional UK front end while keeping manufacturing costs under control. The real value is in the technical expertise and engineering guidance from design inception to launch. They never give a false impression of what’s possible in order to secure business and always wants to understand each project as a whole. Cynegy’s quality control processes are as good as any I have come across.”

Thumbs Up Icon HARKEN UK Ltd Martyn Chick, Supply Chain Manager

“As a fast growing SME supplying into the military arena, our ability to outsource the design, prototyping and production of ancillary components to Cynegy has been invaluable for us.

Over the last two years Cynegy have changed our paradigm with regard to how efficiently rapid prototyping work can be achieved, and have delivered excellent levels of service on production quantities. We consider them as a key partner for our business."

Thumbs Up Icon RolaTube Richard Wood, CEO

“We have worked with Cynegy as our partners to provide bespoke design and manufacture engineered solutions to enhance our product development initiatives in the Electricity Supply and Rail industries.

Cynegy have helped us bring a number of new products to market manufactured from plastics, composites and metals. Their design presentations and 3 D modelling have greatly improved the way we are able to let our customers see our product ideas come to life.

Great friendly people to work with."

Thumbs Up Icon HORIZON UTILITY SUPPLIES Richard Casey, Managing Director
Bray Engineering In Plastics
Peli BioThermal

About Cynegy

Cynegy is an end-to-end design engineering and contract manufacturing partner who are focused and passionate about supporting businesses in realising the true potential of their product ideas.

Cynegy is a ‘one-stop-shop’ that helps guide you through the complex processes of design, manufacturing, supply chain management with the ultimate goal to bring your innovation to life.

With fully owned operations in China with joint Chinese/ Western ownership and an office in the U.K., Cynegy has the solid engineering heritage and understanding of offshore manufacturing, combined with a robust and trusted network of suppliers, to give you confidence that your manufacturing partner has the technical acumen and necessary experience to accelerate your product development, reduce costs, and optimise your supply chain.

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Time-Served Experience

Cynegy have a huge wealth of engineering experience to ensure peace of mind.

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Fully Committed

Cynegy are committed to providing the right product at the right price.

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Holistic Approach

We handle every enquiry with a measured, honest approach to ensure the best outcome every time.